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Public Private Partnership (PPP)

Public Private Partnership (PPP) Projects.

Works & Services Department has initiated 05 No. PPP Projects out of which 03 No. projects have been successfully completed.

The details are as follows:

No. Name of PPP Project Length Remarks
1 Dualization of Hyderabad Mirpurkhas Road 60.00 Km Successfully Completed
2 Bridge on River Indus at Jhirk-Mullah Katyar 17.20 Km (Approx.) including

1.70 Km Bridge over River Indus

Successfully Completed Inaugurated on 27-02-2017
3 Karachi-Thatta Dual Carriageway 49.18 Km (Approx.) Successfully Completed Inaugurated 29-03-2018
4 Ghotki-Kandhkot Bridge Project 30.15 Km including 2.15 Km (Approx.) 4 Lane Dual Carriageway Bridge over River Indus and Thull Link Road of Approx. 4.5 Km of length connecting N-55 and Kandhkot to Thull Road. The construction of the project will commence once necessary approval is obtained from the Indus River Commission (IRC) under the Chairmanship of Minister Irrigation Department, which is expected shortly.
5 Construction of M9-N5 Link Road Project connecting Super Highway to National Highway 22.00 Km (Approx.) In process

The project will be launched for investor solicitation once the necessary feasibility is completed.


Larkana Sukkur Project (under active consideration)

Sukkur is the third largest city in Sindh after Karachi and Hyderabad with average population of 1.5 million approx. It is well-connected to the rest of Pakistan by road and rail, which in turn has attracted new industries such as chemical manufacturing, metalworking, and cement manufacturing.

Larkana is also an important city of Sindh with average population of 364,033. It is home to the Indus Valley Civilization site Mohenjo-Daro. There are several towns in surroundings of the proposed alignment who will be using LSDC to commute.

Sukkur Airport ranks as the second main operational airport in Sindh, after Karachi Airport. Since Mohenjo-Daro Airport is not operational, Sukkur Airport caters the population of Larkana, Qambar, Shahdadkot and Dadu District as well.

Project Larkana Sukkur Dual Carriageway
Department Works & Services
Nature of project Brownfield
Starting Point Larkana
End Point Sukkur City
Total Length 75 km approx.
Estimated Construction Cost PKR 12 Billion approx. (USD 85,714,285)
Expected Construction Period 2 -3 years
Post-Construction Traffic It is assumed that traffic will increase 3-4 times after construction
Current travel time 95 min @ average speed of 45 km/hr.
Travel time after revamp 48 min @ average speed of 90 km/hr.


M-9 to N-5  Link Road, Karachi

Karachi – Hyderabad Road, formerly known as 4 lane super highway is upgraded to 6 lane motorway M-9 by National Highway Authority (NHA) for increased heavy traffic volume form port city of Karachi.

In parallel to this, with the intention of easing the significantly raising volume of traffic from Kemari Port, Port Qasim through the industrial areas of Korangi, Landhi and Pakistan Steel Mills, Works & Services Department, Government of Sindh has also dualized Karachi Thatta Highway.

The objective of the proposed new Link road connecting Super Highway to National Highway, is to improve the traffic flow in the stretch and to provide a 4 lane all weather road of international highway standards.

Project M-9 to N-5 Link Road – Connecting super highway to national highway
Department Works & Services
Nature of project Brownfield
Starting Point N-5
End Point M-9
Total Length 22 km approx.
Estimated Construction Cost 6 Billion approx. (USD 42,857,142)
Construction Period 18 months ( estimated )
Post-Construction Traffic Its assumed that traffic will increase 3-4 times after construction
User Fees Toll , Weigh Bridge, ROW
Current travel time 33 min @ average speed of 40 km/hr.
Travel time after revamp 14 min @ average speed of 100 km/hr.


Operations & Maintenance of Roads under long-term contract

Sindh Provincial Road Improvement Project has been initiated by Works & Service Department with the assistance of Asian Development Bank (ADB). Under the Scheme, rehabilitation work on 6  roads is in progress and is expected to be completed by June  2019.

In order to retain the quality of roads and to maximize socio-economic benefits associated with the project, Works and Services Department has devised a strategy to Outsource Operations and Maintenance of Roads to Private sector on Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode.

To start with, the Department has decided to Outsource O&M of Tando M Khan – Badin Road & Khyber – Sanghar Road, expected to be completed by June 19.

Tando M. Khan – Badin Road
Project Operations and Maintnance of Tando M Khan – Badin Road
Starting Point Tando Muhammad Khan
End Point Badin
Total Length 67
Construction / Installation period 3 months
User Fees Toll, Weigh Bridge, ROW, Rest Area
CAPEX (Construction of Toll Plaza & Admin Office Building) PKR 60,000,000 approx. (USD 428,570)
Khyber – Sanghar Road
Project Operations and Maintenance of Khyber – Sanghar Road
Starting Point Shahdadpur
End Point Tando Allahyar Bypass
Total Length 63
Construction/Installation period 3 months
User Fees Toll , Weigh Bridge, ROW, Rest Area
CAPEX (Construction of Toll Plaza &

Admin Office Building)


Nawabshah  – Rohri via Mehran Highway (under consideration)

The frequent use of this route has been economical to the oil & gas fields /companies, industries of the Sanghar and Mirpurkhas districts to the refinery and also for other trade facilities of districts with Sukkur, Ghotki & Shikarpur which leads to Punjab & Balochistan provinces.

The volume of traffic is increased due to diversion of traffic flow from National Highway at Saeedabad towards Ranipur due to short distance and easy access to Sukkur . The purpose of construction of Additional carriageway is to reduce the traffic volume / flow from the existing road.

Due to high traffic volume / flow many deadly accidents are occurred which have taken so many lives


Mirpurkhas – Badin Road via Digri & Talhar dual carriageway (under consideration)

Mirpurkhas is the 4th largest city of Sindh and is famous for mango cultivation. Badin is another important district of Sindh which has few oil fields and is also called sugar-state due to its sugar production.

Currently the fastest route from Mpk to Badin is via Hyderabad-Mirpurkhas Dual Carriageway (HMDC) and Hyd – Badin Road which accumulates to 171km. The alternate to this route is MPKDigri-Talhar-Badin which is 129 km. Due to poor condition of road from Digri to Talhar (57 km portion) this route is not preferred by commuters.

By widening and revamp of the said road, we can provide shortest and fastest route for traffic coming from Mpk and Sanghar towards Badin and Sujawal.