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Objectives & Functions

Works & Services Department, Government of Sindh is responsible for providing services in the form of road network and building facilities for various departments of Government of Sindh. Its main objective span around planning, designing, construction and maintenance of Roads/Highways and Buildings of the Province. The W&SD offices are spread over the length and breadth of the province. Since the induction of ‘devolution of power’ concept in 2001, the W&SD had been divided into two sectors i.e. ‘Provincial Government’ and ‘District Government’ to facilitate the end users. The road network has been devolved to the District Government. Nevertheless, some important and inter-district roads have been retained by the Works & Services Department, Generally, following functions are undertaken by the department:

  1. Implementation of Annual Development Program (ADP) in terms of construction, and improvement, of new and existing facilities. It also includes all domestic and Foreign Aided Projects.
  2. Implementation of the Annual Maintenance & Repair Programme.
  3. Preparation of feasibility / viability reports of roads / projects as per demands of local people received in field offices or from public representatives.
  4. Designing of roads and buildings and preparing detailed estimates by the Office of Director General (Design) as per requirement of various Departments.
  5. Preparation of Architectural Design & drawing of Residential and Non-Residential Buildings by Consulting Architect.
  6. Quality Assurance of projects through Director (Monitoring & Evaluation).
  7. Training of officers and staff in technical / other relevant fields such as operation of instruments procured, quality checks, computers, etc.