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Foreign Assisted

Foreign Aided Project.

One foreign Aided Project namely Sindh Provincial Road Improvement Project (SPRIP) is also being executed by Works & Services Department having cost of Rs. 22,750.00 (Million). (US$ 197.85 (Million)) (90.86% ADB Loan and 9.14% GoS share).

SPRIP has been initiated by Works & Services Department with the assistance of Asian Bank Development Bank (ADB).

6 roads are being rehabilitated with the proceeds of this loan.

The work on all 6 roads is in progress and in full swing and will be completed during current financial year 2018-19.

The details of these 6 roads are as follows:                                Rs. In Million

No. Name of Road Length Cost
1 Tando M. Khan – Badin 67 Km 3397.832
2 Digri – Naukot 54 Km 3358.280
3 Khyber – Sanghar via Tando Adam 64 Km 2802.092
4 Sanghar – Mirpurkhas via Sindhri 63 Km 2485.354
5 Sheranpur – Ratodero 36 Km 1450.008
6 Thul to Kandhkot 44 Km 2065.245


After saving of Rs. 4099.405 (M) on these 6 roads, additional 3 roads are included in the project during 2018-19 and these roads will be completed by June 2020, scheme details are as under:

No. Name of Road Length Cost
1 Improvement of road from Sehwan Railway Crossing (N-55) to Dadu via Talti up to Dadu-Moro road 32 Km 831.105 (M)
2 Improvement of road from Tando Allahyar to Chambar 19 Km 1799.617 (M)
3 Road from Jehan Khan (N-65) to Faizo Laro (N-55) via Chak Town 29 Km 1468.683 (M)


Moreover recruitment of consultancy for Institutional Strengthening Component is also included in this project. Details are as below:

  1. Sindh Road Network Master Plan and Institutional Strengthen Training

Road Master Plan is being prepared for the next 20 years for the road network of Sindh province this also includes survey of exiting 57000 Km road network. A number of surveys will be carried out to a certain “Maintenance Management” needs for these roads. It is worth mentioning that a special machine has been procured by the consultants which measures the IRI (International Roughness Index), of the road. GPS coordinates of all roads will be included in the road database. On the basis of these feature Master Planning will be carried out for the next 20 years.

Another part of this component is training of 1800 employees of W&S Department. The training will be for the engineers and other staff of W&S Department in technical, administrative, IT and other survey related modules.

  1. Feasibility Study and Study Design of Hyderabad Southern Bypass (46.00 Km)

The future programs of W&S Department also includes construction of Hyderabad Southern Bypass having length of 46.00 Km and cost of about US$ 1.0 (M). This project is being initiated with the assistance of Asian Development Bank (ADB) and its feasibility study is being currently prepared.