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Directorate Of Design
There are two Directorate of Design one in Karachi and one in Sukkur. Each Directorate of Design is headed by Director General (BPS-20) with two (2) Directors (BPS-19) for Highways & Buildings for preparation checking and scrutinizes the cost estimates and design of roads and buildings schemes to be executed by Works & Services Department. They are also responsible for preparation of PC-I of schemes of W&S Department and to get approval of scheme through competent forum.

Road Sector Development Directorate
For the development and transformation of the Road Sector, a Special Directorate General, the Road Sector Development Directorates (RSDD) was established/created in 2004 to fulfill the ADB Loan condition. RSDD operates as a unit within Works & Services Department (WSD). It is on permanent establishment. Road Management Unit (RMU) was also attached to RSDD when RSDD established.

The objective of Sector Reform is to prepare guidelines and recommendations to modernize methods and procedures in WSD in connection with Administration, Operation and maintenance of existing roads and construction of new roads and also to distribute and inform all concerned parties in the WSD organization of new procedures and guidelines.

The object of sector reforms component was to develop the Road Sector as a self sustainable and profitable service sector within the Department


• Enhance efficiency of the Road Sector
• Improve Institutional capacity
• Sustainable Maintenance and Financing
• Impact Assessment (Poverty Reduction, Social / Resettlement and Environmental)
• Economic feasibility
• Improve engineering design and documentation
• Preserve and improve road assets
• Increase road safety

Directorate Of Monitoring
For technical monitoring and to utilize the facilities of Road Research Laboratory in better way Directorate of Monitoring headed by Director (BPS-19) was established in the Road Research Laboratory at Hyderabad. This Directorate also provides training to technical staff, testing of materials including various field tests and to Monitor & Coordinate the activities of District Government pertaining to Works & Services Department.