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Jumia Express FAQ

Jumia Express items are stored in Jumia's warehouse, which ensures very fast delivery, no out of stock cancellations, and highest standards of quality storage. Jumia Express items are delivered with the same shipping charges as the other products, and does not require any subscription: choosing jumia express items ensures you get premium services without extra charges!

Jumia Express is only available for selected products. To find out if a product is available with Jumia Express or not simply look for the Jumia Express logo on the product page. You can also use the Jumia Express filter to only see items available with Jumia Express.

Yes, our timelines for picking up your retuned items (whetherJumia Express or not) are the same as the ones to deliver Jumia Express items.

How can I find Jumia Express products?

Look for the Jumia Express logo or filter

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